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How to Train (and Conquer) Like Wonder Woman


Build the muscle memory you need to succeed in athletics, business, and life.

How This Software Executive Went From Ultra Athlete to Million-Dollar Fundraiser


What you can learn from a software executive’s 3400-mile cross-country trek to raise $1million in the fight against lung cancer.

How one California couple is finding success as business owners without leaving their day jobs


The 5 lessons to finding success as a small business owner while thriving as someone else’s employee.

3 Women Entrepreneurs Who Unleash Their Energy for the Greater Good


Wonder Woman Trait #1: Energy. Use these female entrepreneurs’ advice to unleash your Wonder Woman power and create a world where everyone thrives.

PODCAST: Building the Future with Dr. Patti Fletcher

Building thefuture.com

Hear Patti talk about how she uses her voice, PhD background, and expertise in transformational leadership, to tell the stories of women leaders and women executives in male intensive industries to change how women in business are perceived.

7 Predictions for How the Way We Work Will Transform in 2016


In the cultural transformation business, there has been a lot of talk about the future of work. Gone are the days when the haves and have-nots have exclusive rights to success. The definitions of success, and how we achieve it, are changing. There is no one size fits all. Millennials, the first digital natives to enter the workforce, compel the generations before them to question status quos associated with goal achievement, organization structures and processes, and the pace of change. According to Deidre Paknad, founder and CEO of goal management application start-up Workboard, 2016 will accelerate changes through seven themes that influence a new normal in how we lead, work and innovate.

7 Ways to Raise the Next Generation of Innovators


Raising children to achieve success in an increasingly complex world means getting out of their way.

5 Tips You Need to be the Entrepreneur of Your Next Career Move


Gone are the days when career paths are one-size-fits-all. As with many enterprising women, Julie Lenzer Kirk is no stranger to taking the path less travelled. Like many mid-career women, Lenzer Kirk started to feel restless. “I knew at a high level that I was getting ready to step it up a notch. I was getting bored and looking for a challenge,” says Lenzer Kirk.

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