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These 10 Stories Will Revolutionize the Way You Lead Your Life


Become a change-maker in your industry with inspiration from ten powerful women who weren’t afraid to challenge a world stacked against them.

Women and Silicon Valley: Are We Missing the Bigger Picture?

The Huffington Post

Eradicating all sexism from the entrepreneur ecosystem requires a paradigm shift.

Wonder Woman Approaches to Transform Barriers into Killer Strategies


There was no barrier big enough to stop Wonder Woman from saving the world. Learn how to make the barriers you face become a source of strength.

3 Ways to Embrace Uncharted Territory Like Wonder Woman


It’s time to fearlessly navigate the unknown like the superhero you are.

The Superpower Every Woman Disrupter Needs to Have


The power of love really does make the world go around.

20 Wonder Woman Traits of Female Entrepreneurs


How are female entrepreneurs the wonder women of industry disruption and innovation? Let me count the ways… Here are 20 ways you employ your Wonder Woman strength to disrupt the wrongs that ail the world, industry, and even our daily lives.

Building The Future

Building the Future Radio and TV

VIDEO - Patti’s second appearance on Build the Future dives into how we can get more people involved in technology who may otherwise may not be included.

Technology Becomes A Much-Needed Catalyst For Change In Workplace Equity

The Huffington Post

How innovative technologies can foster solutions to gender equality in technology.

5 Things these fashion business founders want you to know about running a lean startup


As Project Runway’s famous anecdote about the fashion industry says: “One day you’re in and the next day you’re out”. Learn what you need to know about product iteration without losing your vision or your business from these 2 startup founders.

8 Essentials that must be in every product launch toolkit


The best product launches employ a three-step process: assessment, strategy, and execution/enablement. Orchestrate your next product launch like a fine-tuned symphony.

Harnessing All Available Talent May Lay at the Intersection of Business and Government

The Huffington Post

I spent a week in Washington DC last month, meeting with congressional caucuses, industry committees and White House staff to talk about the role of the technology industry in resolving the challenges business face when trying to build and maintain diverse working cultures.

Is this the new face of business leadership?

The Huffington Post

The fact of the matter is that some leaders have a long way to go when it comes to creating gender equitable business environments. Learn from leaders who are making strides in gender equity.

4 Questions to ask yourself before taking your idea primetime


Ninety-five percent of product launches fail in the first year. This article, the first in a three-part series, will cover the four questions you should answer before creating a launch plan.

PODCAST: Building the Future with Dr. Patti Fletcher

Building thefuture.com

Hear Patti talk about how she uses her voice, PhD background, and expertise in transformational leadership, to tell the stories of women leaders and women executives in male intensive industries to change how women in business are perceived.

7 Predictions for How the Way We Work Will Transform in 2016


In the cultural transformation business, there has been a lot of talk about the future of work. Gone are the days when the haves and have-nots have exclusive rights to success. The definitions of success, and how we achieve it, are changing. There is no one size fits all. Millennials, the first digital natives to enter the workforce, compel the generations before them to question status quos associated with goal achievement, organization structures and processes, and the pace of change. According to Deidre Paknad, founder and CEO of goal management application start-up Workboard, 2016 will accelerate changes through seven themes that influence a new normal in how we lead, work and innovate.

3 Things to Remember When Choosing Your CFO


Fifty million new firms are started every year across the globe. By the five-year mark, half will no longer exist. It may come as no surprise that an abundant supply of capital is the major factor in longevity. Ample capital over time requires a sophisticated financial fluency to optimize cash flow, monitor and communicate financial performance, and manage risk. The financial fluency needed for the durability of your start-up comes from the right Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Salesforce and equal pay: the tech giant is putting its money where its mouth is

The Guardian

Earlier this month Salesforce found a simple solution to the gender pay gap. It conducted a review of its staff’s salaries, and then adjusted them accordingly so that men and women in similar roles were earning similar amounts. The review came about after Cindy Robbins, senior vice president of Employee Success, and Leyla Seka, senior vice president of Desk.com, pointed out CEO Marc Benioff that female staff were probably being paid less. Initially sceptical, when Benioff realised what they were saying was true he went out of his way to fix it. But the company isn’t stopping there, it wants to create one of the most female-friendly cultures in tech.

The 5 W’s Every Start-Up Should Follow to Transform Their Company Brand


The short-term and long-term success of your business is 5% awesome offerings and 95% solid go-to-market (GTM) strategy and execution. An important component of a solid GTM plan lay in the branding. A successful branding strategy will open doors for pipeline and customer loyalty.

Female Tech and Entrepreneur Experts Wanted: How to Get Yourself on Stage and in the Press


Not one for women’s only events, Bobbie Carlton, founder of Carlton PR and Marketing, Mass Innovation Nights, and Innovation Women, is a fixture in the Boston start-up scene. One technology event after another, she kept encountering what she calls DAMP: dreaded all male panel. “I heard all the tales of woe from conference organizers, making excuses such as ‘I had women but they cancelled,’” says Carlton. And when there were women on stage, it was always the same few. Sick and tired of the excuses, she set out to solve the problem. She started Innovation Women, an online speakers bureau for event managers to find technical and entrepreneurial women for their events.

5 Easy Steps to Create the Right Pricing Strategy


5 easy steps you need to know to make pricing a key component of your company’s marketing mix.

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