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Why It’s Time to Put Pedal to the Metal for Women Entrepreneurs


Astia is at the White House Demo Day with an immediate call-to-action: Invest in women-founded start-ups now.

What Your Compliance Program (or Lack of It) Says About Your Startup


Don’t wait to let a risk and compliance program transform your business’s executive team into the guardians of your brand.

5 Tips You Need to be the Entrepreneur of Your Next Career Move


Gone are the days when career paths are one-size-fits-all. As with many enterprising women, Julie Lenzer Kirk is no stranger to taking the path less travelled. Like many mid-career women, Lenzer Kirk started to feel restless. “I knew at a high level that I was getting ready to step it up a notch. I was getting bored and looking for a challenge,” says Lenzer Kirk.

Know who you want to be kidnapped with and four more tips for leaders

The Guardian

Fabiana Lacerca-Allen’s dangerous childhood in Argentina taught her the importance of women taking their careers in their own hands.

Inside the C-Suite Mindset: Running a Socially-Responsible Business


More and more women are proving that you can be successful while running a socially responsible business. It sounds idealistic, doesn’t it? When the sh*t hits the fan, when deadlines are looming, when money is tight, can you really do business and do good?

What Silicon Valley can learn from a hipster haven in Colorado

The Guardian

Last summer three female entrepreneurs received investment in their high-growth start-ups. They were all based in Boulder. Dr Patricia Fletcher explains why so many women are flourishing in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

3 Ways to Harness the Power of Big Data for Your Start-Up


Finally, big data for the rest of us.

Entrepreneurs are expected to be white and male. We need to change this.

The Guardian

Women who want to grow their businesses quickly are facing an uphill battle. They’re just not what investors expect. Dr Patti Fletcher explains how to beat expectations.

How to Build the Right Culture for Your Virtual Workforce


What to do when how you work is as important as what work you do.

Transform Into the CEO You Want and Need to Be


It’s not about perfection. It’s about competence.

How To Strengthen Your Professional and Personal Network


If you, like me, have based your network connections on industry, corporation and executive level, you have been missing a golden opportunity.

The Last Great Untapped Talent Pool


These workers spend years developing their skills and careers, then suddenly drop out.

5 Dumb Things Investors Want You to Stop Doing


Any of these mistakes will kill a deal. And they’re easy to avoid.

Making the Transition to Entrepreneurship: 4 Steps


Starting a business is one thing. Now you need to learn to live like an entrepreneur.

Doing Good With Your Business — Right From the Start


You can give back long before you’re big and successful. Here’s how.

Launch Your Business in a Day


The founders of Midnight Media Capture launched their business in a day. Here’s what you can learn from them.

Your Brand: What Customers Say Behind Your Back


Think of your brand as what customers say behind your back, and the way you manage your company could change dramatically.

Why Failure is the New Black, and How To Wear it


Just because failure has become fashionable doesn’t mean it’s easy to deal with. These 4 tips will get you going again.

Why You Need Mompreneurs


There’s every reason these women should be your best employees.

How to Close the Big Sale


When the numbers get big, the risk factor—for everyone—grows.

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