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The Last Great Untapped Talent Pool


These workers spend years developing their skills and careers, then suddenly drop out.

5 Dumb Things Investors Want You to Stop Doing


Any of these mistakes will kill a deal. And they’re easy to avoid.

Your Brand: What Customers Say Behind Your Back


Think of your brand as what customers say behind your back, and the way you manage your company could change dramatically.

Why You Need Mompreneurs


There’s every reason these women should be your best employees.

How to Close the Big Sale


When the numbers get big, the risk factor—for everyone—grows.

6 Launch Tips for Mompreneurs


Starting a business is hard for anyone, but for moms, it can be especially tricky for moms. Here’s how to get your company off the ground.

Networking Tips: Go From Awkward to Awesome


Networking events aren’t really that hard: Plan your work, work your plan. Here’s how.

5 Steps to Game-Changing Relationships


Men build networks. Women build relationships. What’s the difference, and how to do it.

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