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Patti delivers a powerful transformation message in a way that resonates with each individual audience member.

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Patti’s keynote was the starting point of my leadership team’s transformation into a team that is aligned in our brand, message, strategy and tactical approach.

Lisa Thompson, Technology Risk Management, Kaiser Permanente

Keynote: Career equity for women

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Change the World

If you want to inspire your peers to make change happen, this interactive keynote is for you.

A transformer is someone who turns “what’s next” into reality. A transformational leader is someone who paves the path for change while inspiring others to lead. Technology and business innovators are the new rock stars. Don’t be fooled by the myth, the best leaders never get to the finish line alone. The truth is that leaders are not leaders without followers. During this high-energy keynote, your audience will tap into her/his inner transformational leader by:

  • Exploring the transformer’s journey and how each of us plays a role in enabling others to change
  • Identifying the types and scale of transformation and the personal motivations that hinder or help the change process
  • Engaging in role-playing as change-makers and learn how to lead other people toward a common vision
  • Learning from real-life examples about successful transformational tools to take back to the workplace

Trailblaze Like a Girl

Choose this keynote to offer an insider’s view into the mindsets and strategies that trailblazing women use to create the world they want to live in.

Boardrooms are coveted destinations that many of us can only dream about but never reach. For women, who make up only 18% of board seats around the globe, it’s a destination that is often beyond reach. Based on my research of the remarkable women who have forged their own paths onto public company boards, your peers will learn how to trailblaze their way to success. This exciting and uplifting keynote demystifies what it takes to go where so few have gone before by:

  • Exploring the mindsets that help or hinder success against all odds
  • Discovering the right time to begin the journey to a role that feels too big and too hard to obtain
  • Learning the secrets to success that separate those who succeed from those who do not
  • Building a personal board of directors to help you catapult yourself to the boardroom

Be the Storyteller of Your Own Transformation

Choose this keynote to enable your peers to make bold decisions that change their lives.

Mahatma Gandhi’s famous quote “Be the change that you wish to see in the world” has been used by countless leaders to inspire transformation in industry and politics. Yet, inspiring change should not start and end with a call-to-action for followers. Driving large-scale transformation starts closer at home -- with the person you see in the mirror. If you don't have your own plan for change, someone else will plan it for you. This entertaining keynote mixes humor and pointed storytelling to hone in on what it takes to expedite the journey from where each audience member is today to where she/he wants to be tomorrow by:

  • Identifying typical transformation cross-roads that transcend the line between work life and personal life
  • Understanding the individual change journey
  • Learning how to replace fear with competence
  • Mapping the steps to personal transformation

Awkward to Awesome: Create Your Power Influencer Network

Choose this keynote if you want your peers to learn how to create game-changing relationships that help them succeed in business, politics, and life.

For most people, meeting new people at networking cocktail parties is akin to getting teeth pulled. Whether you work in government, industry, or the non-profit world, you are in the people business. Building a network of influencers and decision-makers is the difference between progress and stagnation. This high-energy keynote will equip even the shyest among us with the tools to transition from awkward social encounters to game-changing relationships by:

  • Learning the importance of relationships in successful networking
  • Exploring the difference between transactional and transformational connections
  • Discovering the importance of relationship mapping
  • Learning how to walk into any situation and create meaningful connections that foster success
  • Accelerating the path of “whom you know” to “who knows you”

Patti's Past Speaking Events

  • Women4Tech - Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain February 2017
  • ChIPs Global Summit 2016; Can Technology Solve Our Diversity Problems? September 2016
  • SAP’s Game-Changing Women Radio: regular guest covering topics including women in the boardroom, inclusion and diversity, female entrepreneurs. 2015, 2016, 2017
  • Building The Future radio show and podcast April 2016, Fall 2016
  • Babson WIN Lab Women Entrepreneur's Summer Soiree; keynote speaker June 2016
  • The SUP-X Start-Up Conference; Women's Forum panel "Striving to Thrive: Success Secrets from Powerful Women Leaders and Entrepreneurs" and judge in the start-up Competition February 2016
  • Workboard Brilliant Leaders: "Transformational Leadership: How To Change Your World" 2015
  • Astia Portfolio Gathering, “Communicating Your Company to the World” 2015
  • EWF Annual Conference, Keynote Presenter “Living Transformation” and "Leading Transformation" 2013, 2014
  • We Own It Summit, Salon Thought Leader “Let’s Get Real: Demystify the Female High-Growth Experience and Make Sure the Best Don’t Opt Out.” 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
  • Astia CEO Summit 2012
  • SAP Developer Kick-Off Meeting 2012
  • SAP TechEd Inclusion and Innovation Event, Madrid and Las Vegas 2012
  • WLC’s Emerging Leaders Webinar Series: Communicating Across Boundaries and Path to the Board Room 2011

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