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Strategy Coaching & Workshops

We help you pioneer change by transforming how you lead.

There are thousands of things people can do to enact change. Patti delivers custom, actionable insight to make it happen now.

Patti’s process works. Here’s why:

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Individual Executive Strategy Packages

Senior executives and their teams work with us to accelerate change.

Each Individual Package includes:

  • 360° Leadership assessment
  • Executive read-out
  • Pioneering transformational personalized plan
  • Monthly one-on-one coaching spanning three, six, nine, or twelve months
  • Monthly ad-hoc check-ins
Our Packages

Enterprise Executive Launchpad

The transition from middle management to the executive suite requires a new mindset and business savvy. The skills and behaviors that got you to the next level might not be the same ones required to propel you forward. We work with you to refine your executive presence, increase your emotional intelligence, build your brand, integrate your personal and professional lives, and develop meaningful and targeted effective stakeholder relationships.

Board Ready

The average journey to the boardroom takes seven years. Further, board seats are seldom filled because of whom you know or what you know. It’s who knows you that is the most important. We work with you to intentionally define your accelerated and mindful trajectory to the boardroom talent pool. Together, we will establish your brand and board pitch, identify your strategy for influencer and competency gaps, and create an accelerated plan that ensures you are targeting the right relationships and exposure to be recognized as board ready.

Change Catalyst

If catalyzing change in yourself and others was easy, everyone could do it. Our approach focuses on aligning your passion with your profession, pulling from the library of strengths you possess while deliberately uncovering the most critical blind spots that hold you back. We work together to define and execute a transformation plan that fosters the momentum needed for cultural change .

Leadership Programs for Women, Millennials, and Baby Boomers

Women, millennials and baby boomers: We have got you covered. Our work together will enable you to remove the impact of change-stopping roadblocks you face due to conscious and unconscious biases. This is not a lean-in program designed to fix you or how you lead. We believe that every roadblock is a strategy waiting to happen.

Team Executive Strategy Packages

Newly formed and established teams work with us to achieve their collective goals of catalyzing and executing large-scale change across their organizations.

Each Team Package includes:

  • 360° team assessment
  • Executive team read-out
  • Pioneering transformational stakeholder-based team plan
  • Monthly one-on-one coaching spanning three, six, nine, or twelve months
  • Bi-monthly team check-ins

Our Packages

High Performance Teams

No one leads change alone. Perhaps your team is the envy of all the other teams. Or, maybe, you have inherited a group of individuals who act like lone rangers instead of working together on a common goal. Our team-based program combines individual and team sessions that make good teams great and transform group dysfunction into collective high performance.

Team Workshops

When your team’s collective and individual development becomes part of their daily work, magic happens. Our workshop sessions, ranging in half-day to three-day options, lay the foundation to accelerate stakeholder-based change. Popular themes include transformational executive team building, establishing and living VMV (vision, mission, and values), brand building, and translating goals into actionable strategies and plans.

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Team and individual strategy coaching

Get what you need to change your world by transforming how you and your team lead.

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Patti was the secret ingredient of the successful impact and cultural change within SAP Marketing. The new transformation mindset she created still lives in the DNA years later. Our change strategy and performance goals continue to evolve SAP Marketing into a modern marketing operating model.

Jennifer Guano

Jennifer Guano Sr Director SAP