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I'm Patti Fletcher.

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Order Disrupters, Dr. Patti Fletcher's new book, and get a special bonus!

People won’t change because leaders tell them to change.

People will change when you give them the tools they need to transform.

The numbers speak for themselves: 75% of change management programs fail. Why? Because changing yourself is hard and leading other people to transition is even harder. The result? Nothing progresses and you achieve less than your greatest potential.

The best leaders never get to the finish line ... alone

Great leaders create change by helping the people around them to practice behaviors and mindsets that unify teams instead of divide them. The impact? People who come together through a common vision and create a community of change leaders.

We help people change the world around them by transforming how they lead.

What makes our approach different? We don’t hand off a cookie-cutter leadership strategy. We offer a revolutionary initiative that focuses on the complete picture of you as a leader, invites key stakeholders into the process, tracks operational and cultural progress, and sticks with you to keep the momentum going.

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Just one meeting with Patti opened up so many doors that I don’t even have words to express the impact.

Miriam Christof

Miriam Christof Co-Founder JustJump Marketing