3 Ways Wonder Women Cultivate Power Relationships

Relationships, more than money or a great product idea, are the key to your success and your sense of fulfillment

The Superpower Every Woman Disrupter Needs to Have

The power of love really does make the world go around.

3 Ways to Change the World With Your Wonder Woman Mindset

Discover how changing your mindset can change the world in the latest installment of Patti Fletcher's Wonder Woman article series.

3 Women Entrepreneurs Who Unleash Their Energy for the Greater Good

Wonder Woman Trait #1: Energy. Use these female entrepreneurs' advice to unleash your Wonder Woman power and create a world where everyone thrives.

20 Wonder Woman Traits of Female Entrepreneurs

How are female entrepreneurs the wonder women of industry disruption and innovation? Let me count the ways… Here are 20 ways you employ your Wonder Woman strength to disrupt the wrongs that ail the world, industry, and even our daily lives.

Building The Future

VIDEO - Patti's second appearance on Build the Future dives into how we can get more people involved in technology who may otherwise may not be included.

HR From One to Many: Shifting The Focus to Teams

RADIO. “Finding good players is easy. Getting them to play as team is another story”. What will it take for HR to invest in collaboration tools and workplace design that shift culture, policy and practice to support teams?

Salary History And Gender Are Antiquated Data Points For Salary Negotiations

New laws are putting HR at the forefront of taking necessary steps in changing the status quo of salary decisions. The market expects pay parity and it’s up to HR to deliver a level playing field for all.

Technology Becomes A Much-Needed Catalyst For Change In Workplace Equity

How innovative technologies can foster solutions to gender equality in technology.

Achieving Gender Equity In The Mobile Industry

Rather than repeating inefficient and ineffective programs aimed at achieving equality for women, a shift in focus—one that requires equity for every member of the workforce—is required. Only then can we all get on the right track.

2 Executives Weigh In: Tipping Points for Large-Scale Change

Patti asked two executives who have built careers on driving large scale change to share their views on the tipping points that accelerate large-scale change.

5 Things these fashion business founders want you to know about running a lean startup

As Project Runway's famous anecdote about the fashion industry says: "One day you're in and the next day you're out". Learn what you need to know about product iteration without losing your vision or your business from these 2 startup founders.

The 3 stage blueprint to transform a culture where all leaders can thrive

Learn a three-stage path to enable large scale cultural change that translates into changes that permanently define how business is done, moving from the existing status quo to a new way of being.

8 Must-dos to mindfully hustle your way to your next big thing

Don't lose your mind or waste your time on mindless busy work - make the right moves to land your dream job.

8 Essentials that must be in every product launch toolkit

The best product launches employ a three-step process: assessment, strategy, and execution/enablement. Orchestrate your next product launch like a fine-tuned symphony.

Harnessing All Available Talent May Lay at the Intersection of Business and Government

I spent a week in Washington DC last month, meeting with congressional caucuses, industry committees and White House staff to talk about the role of the technology industry in resolving the challenges business face when trying to build and maintain diverse working cultures.

A 4-step strategy of bringing order to mayhem

Unfortunately, transforming a culture is really hard. In fact, only 25% of change initiatives succeed. When it comes to changing a corporate culture in a big way, the CEO and executive team must visibly be on board.

Is this the new face of business leadership?

The fact of the matter is that some leaders have a long way to go when it comes to creating gender equitable business environments. Learn from leaders who are making strides in gender equity.

4 Questions to ask yourself before taking your idea primetime

Ninety-five percent of product launches fail in the first year. This article, the first in a three-part series, will cover the four questions you should answer before creating a launch plan.

The White House sends a clear message: Gender inequity is no longer a women-only philanthropic issue

Considering that women are half the population walking the earth and nearly half of the workforce, gender equity is finally emerging as a global economic imperative.

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