Patti’s new book, Disrupters.
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6 Strategies That Drive Business Growth

Women often lead their companies to success in a way that's very different from male leaders. Use these six strategies to follow their lead.

These 10 Stories Will Revolutionize the Way You Lead Your Life

Become a change-maker in your industry with inspiration from ten powerful women who weren't afraid to challenge a world stacked against them.

How a CEO at Big Brothers Big Sisters Embraced the Unknown

The higher up a person climbs, the less clear cut the rules and expectations are.

The New Way to Network: Tools for Cultivating Professional Relationships

StartupNation ran the following excerpt from “Disrupters: Success Strategies from Women Who Break the Mold” by Dr. Patti Fletcher.

New Technology Is Helping Transform The Lives Of People With Autism

While workers are worried about being replaced by robots, the truth is that there a talent shortage and it’s only going to get worse. The answer is to expand the definition of the workforce by intentionally including under-represented populations.

Women and Silicon Valley: Are We Missing the Bigger Picture?

Eradicating all sexism from the entrepreneur ecosystem requires a paradigm shift.

Every Wonder Woman Needs Fuel During Times of Uncertainty

Read real life examples of two wonder women who are just like you and discover how to find the right foundation for you.

3 Ways to Make Decisions Like Wonder Woman

When it comes to decisions that matter, how you make decisions may be just as important as what you decide.

How one California couple is finding success as business owners without leaving their day jobs

The 5 lessons to finding success as a small business owner while thriving as someone else's employee.

SUP-X Radio interview with Dr. Patti Fletcher

SUP-X Radio talks with marketer, strategic advisor, board member, investor and gender equity advocate Dr. Patti Fletcher about her new book and her work as a gender equity advocate.

3 Ways to Embrace Uncharted Territory Like Wonder Woman

It's time to fearlessly navigate the unknown like the superhero you are.

Crisis Mode: How to Be a Real-Life Wonder Woman in Times of Crisis

Rather than run away from hard situations, Wonder Woman jumps in to lead the way toward a better, new reality.

How to Train (and Conquer) Like Wonder Woman

Build the muscle memory you need to succeed in athletics, business, and life.

Wonder Woman Approaches to Transform Barriers into Killer Strategies

There was no barrier big enough to stop Wonder Woman from saving the world. Learn how to make the barriers you face become a source of strength.

How This Software Executive Went From Ultra Athlete to Million-Dollar Fundraiser

What you can learn from a software executive's 3400-mile cross-country trek to raise $1million in the fight against lung cancer.

3 Ways Wonder Women Cultivate Power Relationships

Relationships, more than money or a great product idea, are the key to your success and your sense of fulfillment

The Superpower Every Woman Disrupter Needs to Have

The power of love really does make the world go around.

3 Ways to Change the World With Your Wonder Woman Mindset

Discover how changing your mindset can change the world in the latest installment of Patti Fletcher's Wonder Woman article series.

3 Women Entrepreneurs Who Unleash Their Energy for the Greater Good

Wonder Woman Trait #1: Energy. Use these female entrepreneurs' advice to unleash your Wonder Woman power and create a world where everyone thrives.

20 Wonder Woman Traits of Female Entrepreneurs

How are female entrepreneurs the wonder women of industry disruption and innovation? Let me count the ways… Here are 20 ways you employ your Wonder Woman strength to disrupt the wrongs that ail the world, industry, and even our daily lives.

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